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potions_class's Journal

Sex in the Potions Class
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Home of the Potion's Class rpg.

It's where people meet to talk, meet to fuck, and meet to worship the ground Draco walks on. (Or so he wishes)

Currently we have:

Harry Potter lalabebe
Draco Malfoy oshunanat
Hermione Granger beckalina
Blaise Zabini nyn
Sirius Black snufflescutie
Seamus Finnigan (on semi-hiatus)nothingbutfic
Ginny Weasley cracknanny
Severus Snape tanzy
Marcus Flint (flying) _marcus_flint_
Oliver Wood (runes) olivers_wood
Bill Weasley (DADA) coolbill
Tam Pepper (history of magic) koanju

We need:
Ron Weasley (see this post)

any seventh year students not listed above (Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff kids would be nice, just to spice things up.)

Please note that we are no longer accepting professors--at this stage in the game we have almost as many teachers as we do students. In the future if we get a larger student population this may change.

This community is closed and screened. If you would like to participate, please send the maintainer an email with the name of your character and a mock-up post. We will let you know if you are in ASAP.

In order to play you must have a journal and an AIM screen name. These do not need to be unique for the game. IM SN are required since a lot of play will occur in chats.

This is a slash RPG, meaning there will be sex between boys. If you aren't old enough, or object to this, please don't join.