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Although normally these posts are locked, I've decided to make this one public, because I know that we have some people who watch our humble game and I thought that this might interest them.

As of a short time ago, alymalone has decided to leave the game. This means we need a new Ronald Weasley.

A new Ron would be expected to follow the basic plot set up by Aly. This includes:

-occasional issues due to two months of forgotten memories

-tenuous relationship with Hermione. Ron/Hermione shipper a plus

-bisexual!Ron. Is/was in a relationship with Seamus, but since his player is pretty much on hiatus at the moment, the new person can do as they wish with this plot line.

Although atypical for our game, the new Ron would be required to audition in a short scene with probably Draco & Hermione, just to ensure compatability :)


An LJ and an IM are required to play. Journal/Screen name for the character are not necessary, you may use your personal if you so choose.

This is an adult game. Characters do have sex, if you are underage or this squicks you out, this is not the game for you.

If you have any questions or you are interested in playing Ron please feel free to IM me at Evil Lady Lance or to email me at oshunanat @

You may (and I would appreciate) crossposting this notice to any relevent places or your own journal; so long as it isn't breaking any list rules. :)

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