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It appears that I really am Snape's bitch.

Stupid ink that Potter used. I've tried all the cleaning charms that I know and it stillhasn't come off. I suppose it'll wear off on it's own in a few days. Thank Merlin for the privacy of the Prefect's bathroom. It's bad enough that the school has some idea of what went on, it'd be even worse if they actually saw what Potter did.

At any rate, Snape called me in for a "meeting" about what went on today...bloody thing turned into an interrogation. He tied me to the chair not one minute into me going into his office! I managed to convince him that I hadn't told anyone about our relationship (and really, why would I say something, with everything else that has gone on, I highly doubt that Dumbledork would approve of a teacher/student relationship)...yet he still left me tied up so he could go to some meeting with McGonagall about how Potter's left Gryffindor with no points!

I was left for *hours* in there like that! Do you have any idea how incredibly boring that was? It was so dull and so long that I actually fell asleep!

At any rate, he woke up. Wanted a blow job. I gave him one, of course, because, did I mention that I really am Snape's bitch? The potion he gave me the other day makes it so he is the only person I can excited by and not turn furry. I'm pretty sure that if he doesn't get release then I sure as hell won't either. Although I may not be able to do anything about it, I'm going to do my best to enjoy it--and have a little fun back. I think he rather appreciated the charm I used as I left. Heh.


I really should go do that reading for Potions. Pop quiz and all. Blah
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