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Surprise, surprise

::Puts his feet up on the desk, leans back in his chair, and stretches languidly, leather pants creaking softly with the movement. He surveys the books and parchments that litter the tabletop as he prepares for the lessons he'll be teaching in the upcoming term.::

I can't wait to see the look on Ron's face when he walks into my classroom. I hope he doesn't know yet; Mum and Dad have done their best to keep it a secret, though I'm not sure about Percy. When he heard the news, well...::chuckles::

You? A professor? Defense Against the Dark Arts, no less? You, with that...that hair and that earring and those...those pants and that motorcyle!

::laughs:: I got rid of the hair, as it was getting rather old, but the pants and the motorcycle? Never.

And he wondered about the safety of my students as well. After all, I was just a curse breaker for the bank. ::shakes his head:: But Percy quickly learned that things aren't always what they seem.

After all...if the identity of every Auror who worked for the Ministry was known, it would make things quite difficult, wouldn't it?

::Packs up his books and parchments with a smile and sets off to wander about the grounds, wondering how much it's changed since he's seen it last.::
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