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It's been a busy few days

[in an owl to Lucius]

I am well aware that the time of the Solstice draws near, as your letters continue to point out to me.

I do not want to leave you in suspense any longer, so I suppose now is the best time to tell you.

I will be standing with you on Solstice night, getting the Mark. I look forward to the day I can serve the Dark Lord with pride as we work to put the Muggles in their place.

Your son,

*Draco seals the letter nervously, before attaching it to his eagle owl and sending it off*

One difficult part down, only so many more to go. I hope I can make Dumbledore and Snape proud. I know that the road ahead will be difficult to say the least, but I think it's the right one for me.

Let's hope that this is the right decision.
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